A grid-tied system is connected to the utility power grid. At present, it is the most commonly used set-up for solar systems because it does not utilize batteries.

Because this system does not have a battery to store unused electricity, the amount of energy they can provide is dependent on available sunlight. Users of this system need not worry when their load consumption is greater than the energy provided by their solar facility system as the deficit is seamlessly supplied by the grid.

Another important feature to know is that they are required to automatically shut down whenever there is no power from the grid (i.e. during brown-outs).

This safety feature called “anti-islanding” is required by power providers to protect linemen from accidentally being electrocuted by the grid-tied solar facilities when they conduct repairs during brown-outs

This type of solar set-up cannot be used to power appliances when the supplier of energy from the grid implements a power outage.