Union Galvasteel Corporation

Formerly Bacnotan Steel Corporation, Union Galvasteel Corporation (UGC) has developed and emerged as one of the nation’s pillars in the industry since its inception in 1963. Based in Calamba, Laguna, UGC provides reliable and steady supply of high quality galvanized and pre-painted steel roofing, steel decking products, building systems’ components and insulated panels to owners and builders of residential, commercial and industrial structures. It has an extensive nationwide distribution network with rolling-forming plants, warehouses and sales offices located in key cities throughout the country. UGC leads the market by continuously improving the quality of its products and services through research and development, process improvement, product innovation and technology upgrades.

Moving forward, UGC sees continuous growth with the planned expansion and modernization of its color coating line facilities, a stronger and more efficient distribution network and the implementation of aggressive marketing campaigns to build up the brand.