Rayanton Farms and Livestock Corporation is a medium-scale integrated poultry and livestock producer. 

Established some forty years ago by couple Jose Antonio Raya from Bataan and Teresita Molina Raya of Marikina, the business has grown by leaps and bounds in the hands of its second-generation family members, led by son Jelo and his siblings.  


Today, Rayanton Farms has been transformed into a progressive, state-of-the-art complex of modern poultry and livestock farms to serve the Filipino’s ever-growing demand for food.


Jelo shares with us the story of Rayanton Farms, and how Union Solar and Union Galvasteel have helped Rayanton Farms become a model of how technology works to deliver savings and increase productivity in its operations.





Jelo: “My father was a Certified Public Accountant who worked with the Bank of the Philippine Islands managing business portfolios of some of the bank’s valued clients. Since his dream was to go into business, he resigned from the bank to pursue his dream.


He and my mother bought a property in Antipolo, where they raised chicken and sold it directly in the wet market.


That became the office and first farm of Rayanton Farms and Livestock Corporation. 


Simple lang po ang background ng parents ko. 


To help my father in the business, my mom resigned from her job as Branch Manager of Producer’s bank.


And together, they raised not only their own children but even the people who worked with them, especially during the early years, in traditional Filipino values.


Parang pamilya ang trato ng parents namin sa mga ka-trabaho namin. 


Ang motto ng company namin na madalas sabihin ng father ko, Magbigay (tayo) ng hanap-buhay sa mga kasama, so they can work more productively and give better service,” recounts Jelo. 


“Kaya naman we take good care of our employees. 


We give them adequate incentives, even during hard times. 


We also provide housing for our farm employees, as well as full benefits, including SSS and PhilHealth membership,” Jelo adds.  





“We had a previous foreign Solar Energy Supplier who sold us solar panels even before we heard of PHINMA.  


However, the arrangement didn’t work out well because when we looked at the ROI of the system being proposed, we felt that it was too long a wait for us. 


A friend and colleague of mine, Ric Tolentino suggested I get in touch with PHINMA SOLAR, and after that first meeting with Mr. Archie Monasterial and his team, everything has been going so well in our business relationship.


I was convinced that as a member of a big conglomerate, PHINMA Solar could address all our concerns, and stand by the products that they market. And yes, they have exceeded my expectations.


I consider PHINMA our partner in helping us attain our vision of modernizing our operations to be at par or even better than industry standards!”, confides Jelo.  




As a Business Management graduate, Jelo even enrolled himself in training courses in farm management in the fabled Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s No.1 University. 


With his new skills in modern and sustainable farm management, Jelo then embarked on the transformation of Rayanton Farms.


“Sabi ng father ko, gumawa tayo ng bagong battlecry… SUMABAY SA PAGBABAGO! 


I took that to mean that we needed to adapt to new technologies and mechanized production systems, to compete for the future.  


And so, we defined the kind of image we wanted for ourselves,” Jelo confidently declares.


Today, Rayanton Farms is an integrated and sustainable farm operation composed of:


– Layer Operations

– Hatchery Operations

– Piggery Operations

– Feed Mill 

– Biogas Plant 

– Laboratory


Its current has operations are in 3 provinces: Rizal, Bulacan, and Batangas.


“We try to adapt to new technologies in our business whenever possible. 


For example, we were the first to bring in single-stage machines to modernize our poultry operations. 


Our process is fully automated, our coops tunnel ventilated and our buildings run on Biogas created from our own plant.


We have a complete laboratory to ensure we can keep our animals from pests and epidemics, which can severely compromise our operations. 


And we already trap the waste and effluence of our animals and convert them into Biogas. 


This helps us with some of our energy needs on the farm. 


Moving forward, we are anticipating the need for more facilities as we add more farms to address the growing demand for our products.


This includes a serious look into Solar Energy solutions to power up our farms because it is a free and clean energy source; here we will need the assistance of PHINMA Solar to help us design a long-term energy solution,” adds Jelo.





When asked whether Rayanton would recommend Phinma Solar Solutions to their friends and competitors in the industry, Jelo quickly answers in the affirmative… 


“But of course!


It is a tough industry, but we are all friends and we share and help one another, especially when it comes to solutions that will result in cost-savings. 


Actually, we have also been using UNION GALVASTEEL in our farms, even before we tried your Solar solutions.  


In particular, we are using GALVASTEEL Insulated Panels for our Hatcheries. 


We used to have open-sided hollow-block walls, which were inefficient, and they also increased our energy costs significantly. 


So even if insulated panels are more expensive, it pays for itself very quickly.   


We save on future energy costs because the insulated panels create a cooler environment for the livestock,” Jelo exclaims. 




Asked by the interviewer if he is familiar with THE UNION ADVANTAGE, Jelo replied that he hadn’t heard of it before.


When told that THE UNION ADVANTAGE provides a superior customer experience through the synergies created by PHINMA’s Construction Materials Group’s (CMG) innovative construction solutions and competencies in steel roofing, cement, and solar energy, Jelo smiles and says “Great! Actually, we are adding more buildings and will need a lot of cement. 


Let’s talk about it!”






Asked whether the pandemic has affected the business, Jelo responds: “Of course, the COVID pandemic has affected our operations, as a result of the decrease in food consumption and lower demand for chicken products. But we are not discouraged.,” Jelo confidently maintains.


“This is our business, and we need to take a long view of it.  


We need to expand, build more farms and increase our capacity in anticipation of better times; we need to plan ahead, as it takes between six months to a year to put up new structures for our operations. 


We also continue to look for new customers and innovate our product offerings so we can create new products and markets for our growing base of customers. 


As an example, we are collaborating with some customers and chefs to create a whole line of processed meats using chicken.  

It doesn’t stop there… beyond products, we will need cold storage facilities, and have to invest in additional production lines and manufacturing equipment!” Jelo declares.




“Rayanton Farms was the dream of my parents over four decades ago.  


With their inspiration and by holding on to their cherished values and family traditions, my siblings and I, together with our co-workers have been able to grow the business to where it is today.  


My father continues to lead the Rayanton Farms group, supported ably by my sister Jeck.


I lead a team that is composed of farm heads, flock managers, and team leaders and their crews to run the farm operations.


I consider that a good way to thank our parents for the love, trust, and support they have given to us all these years. 


Now I am looking to bring in new blood to the company, as my own three children will hopefully join us someday in the future and grow Rayanton Farms for generations to come. 


The future will be bright for those who are brave enough to take risks. 


To survive in this industry, one needs to be proactive, flexible, and innovative.


As we have been taught by our parents, so should we be training and mentoring those whom we work with and those who will move the dream forward,” Jelo exclaims.


So true. The future looks bright for Rayanton Farms!







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